Volume 1, Issue 1 (January-April, 2017)


Should Research be Made Compulsory in Medical School?

Varshil Mehta

1-3 |

Atlanto-axial subluxation with cervical myelopathy operated with occipital C2 fusion: A case report

Rahul Kadam, Vishal Bauva, Krutarth Shah, Sunil Yadav

4-7 |

Indian Cancer Congress 2017 Conference Announcement

Indian Cancer Congress

8 |

Emergence of New Risk Factors for causing Hypertension

Varshil Mehta

9-11 |

IGF-1 Therapy in Children with Liver Dysfunction

Anum Akbar, Ume Salmah Ahmad

12-16 |

Why should you do Research?

Varshil Mehta, Charvi Chugh, Arshi Pervez

17 |

Universal Health Coverage: A burning need for developing countries

Sojib Bin Zaman, Naznin Hossain

18-20 |

Health Problems and Health Care Seeking Behaviour of Rohingya Refugees

Abdullah Al Masud, Md. Shahoriar Ahmed, Mst. Rebeka Sultana, S.M. Iftekhar Alam, Russell Kabir, S.M. Yasir Arafat, Konstantinos Papadopoulos

21-29 |

Probiotics: An Adjuvant therapy for D-Galactose induced Alzheimer's disease

Varshil Mehta, Kavya Bhatt, Nimit Desai, Mansi Naik

30-33 |

Patient Satisfaction in Chamber Setting in Bangladesh measured by Patient-Doctor Relationship Questionnaire (PDRQ-9 Bangla)

S.M. Yasir Arafat, Amin Andalib, Syed Faheem Shams, Russell Kabir, Md. Mohsin Ali Shah, A.M. Fariduzzaman, Mohammad Liakat Ali Liton, Eusha Ahmad Fidalillah Ansary

34-39 |

Dear depression, why do you even exist in the budding medicos?

Varshil Mehta, Monali Rajawat

40-41 |

Retracted Articles

Retracted Article: Functional Appliances in the Treatment of Class II Malocclusion- A Review

Dr. Aakash Shah, Dr. Purvesh Shah, Dr. Santosh Kumar Goje, Dr. Romil Shah, Dr. Bhumi Modi


Retracted Article: Use of CBCT in Orthodontics- A Review

Dr. Aakash Shah, Dr. Purvesh Shah, Dr. Santosh Kumar Goje, Dr. Romil Shah, Dr. Bhumi Modi


Please Note

All the research studies published in JMRI were performed in accordance to the Declaration of Helsinki. Written consent was obtained from all the included subjects (or the responsible next kin), where ever applicable. In case reports or any article which includes patients images, permission was sought from the patient (or the responsible next kin) for publication. Whether or not this has been explicitly stated in the manuscript, this was declared by the authors at the time of submission of manuscript to the journal. In a rare event, if the consent could not be obtained due to loss of patient for follow up or death or loss of contact, even after reasonable effort, the editors then decided on case by case basis, weighing on the individual contribution the report will make to advancement of medical literature.