Editorial- Peer Review Process

Peer Review Party!!!

We believe in Peer Review and not Peer Rejection. You could send us your choice of Reviewers and we will select one out of it (not a complusion, we might not send to them as well). We will also send the article to 2 external reviewers to make it a fair review. 

Manuscripts submitted to journals are privileged communications that are authors’ private, confidential property, and authors may be harmed by premature disclosure of any or all of a manuscript’s details.

Reviewers therefore should keep manuscripts and the information they contain strictly confidential. Reviewers must not publicly discuss authors’ work and must not appropriate authors’ ideas before the manuscript is published. Reviewers must not retain the manuscript for their personal use and should destroy copies of manuscripts after submitting their reviews.

Reviewers are expected to respond promptly to requests to review and to submit reviews within the time agreed. Reviewers’ comments should be constructive, honest, and polite.

Reviewers should declare their conflicts of interest and recuse themselves from the peer-review process if a conflict exists. Reviewers can either accept, reject or ask for revision.

The Editorial board at JMRI follows a time table which is based on it's current workload and as far as possible tries to adhere to it.

Editorial Review: 3 days

Peer Review: 4-6 weeks

Author's reply: 1 week

Decision: 3-7 days (Acceptance/Rejection/Revision)

First Publication: within 1-3 days

Final publication: 4 weeks

 The process is shown in the figure below:

To view/download the editorial process : Click here

Please note: from 8th October, 2017; JMRI has started following Open Peer Review (during the peer review process, the identity of authors and peers will be blinded, but after publication, it will be revealed and all the comments made by the reviewers and the authors shall be published in the comments box below the article along with the full HTML). This is done to provide the best quality peer review system.