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The Journal of Medical Research and Innovation (JMRI) is an award-winning and open peer-reviewed journal which covers all aspects of Medicine including cellular biology, zoology and futuristic medicine (Robotics and Artificial Intelligence in medicine). The journal will feature original research, reviews, editorials, case studies, brief communications, opinions/views, poster presentations and audios & videos. This will be of interest to medical practitioners, clinical educators, nurse practitioners and other healthcare professionals involved in the care of patients.

The journal publishes at least two issues (Bi-Annually. First issue in January and Second in July) each year. Articles are published online when ready for publication (Continuously) as Article in Press. Additional issues may be published for special events (e.g. conferences) and when special themes are addressed. 

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Index Copernicus Value-2018: 99.05, Impact Factor-2018 (Researchgate): 0.93H-Index (Google Scholar): 5
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Original Article

Influence of Varying Doses and Duration of Dietary Nitrates from Beetroot Juice on Sprint Performance in U.S. Army ROTC Cadets: A pilot study

by Melton M., Kandiah J.

Summary: Assess the effects of varying levels and duration of dietary nitrate supplementation
from beetroot juice (BR) on sprint performance in army ROTC cadets.

Review Article

Impact of Embalica Officinalis: A miracle multipurpose plant

by Anbesse R.

Summary: Plants are a major source of nutrition and health care. Embalicalofficinalis is one of the most widely used in traditional Indian medicine in different form and believed to alleviate against several disease. This article summarizes multipurpose and medicinal value of Embalicaofficinalis (EO). I reviewed the application of EO in antioxidant, antidiabetic, anticancer, antiulcer, cardioprotective activity, cytoprotective, antitussive, immunomodualation, chelating agent, and respiratory problems.

Brief Communication

Can we change autoimmunity in Type 1 Diabetes via insulin injection or oral insulin?

by Cao M.

Summary: This article reviews recent immunotherapy studies of Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) which is an autoimmune disease. Researchers show that injecting human proinsulin peptides can safely modulate the immune system and affect beta-cell function in Type 1 Diabetes, but oral insulin consumption does not reduce the onset of Type 1 Diabetes in individuals at the early stage of the disease.

Review Article

Epidemiological Burden of Lower Limb Spasticity in Adults: A Systematic Review

by Javed M., Ali M.

Summary: The objective of this study was to investigate the burden of disease associated with lower limb spasticity (LLS) and its complications in adults.

Original Article

Race, Educational Attainment, and E-Cigarette Use

by Assari S., Mistry R., Bazargan M.

Summary: Although higher educational attainment lowers high-risk behaviors such as substance use, according to the Minorities’ Diminished Returns theory, the effect of educational attainment may be smaller for Blacks than Whites.

Case Series

To Evaluate Anti-HLA Antibodies Sensitization in Pre- and Post-renal Transplant Patient’s Serum: A Retrospective Case Series

by Agarwal N., Goswami S.

Summary: Introduction: In India, patients of renal failure are dependent on live related or unrelated donor. Because of poor financial condition patients do not go for DSA (Donor Specific Antibody) detection using Luminex. In absence of screening of de-novo production of DSA and don’t get proper management. As a result of which patient undergo acute rejection.

Index Copernicus Value for 2018 has been increased to 99.05 from 77.03 (2017 value)

Index Copernicus Value for 2018 has been increased to 99.05 from 77.03 (2017 value).


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