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Original Article

Prevalence of mental disorders by sex among Hera General Hospital patients over the past 10 years

Ammar A. Albokhari, Rajab A. Bresaly, Magdy M. Hassan, Abrar A. Khan

23-27 |

The yearly peak age of the onset of major depressive disorder over the past 5 years at a general hospital in Saudi Arabia

Ammar A. Albokhari​, Amani Hussain, Abdulrahman Tashkandi, Abdulrahman Alsawas, Rajab Bresaly, Magdy Hassan, Abdulmajeed Khan, Bassam Bandugh

37-40 |

Review Article

Case Report

An interesting case of duplicated common bile duct and its sequelae

Anicia Mirchandani​, Alexander Loomis, Zaiba Mapkar, Sachit Malde

41-43 |

Acute pancreatitis following Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine

Ammar A. Albokhari​, Abdulrahman T. Alsawas, Abdulmajeed Khan, Ghufran A. Bukhari

44-46 |

Acute inflammatory transverse myelitis post-Pfizer-BioNTech-COVID-19 vaccine in 16-year-old

Ammar A Albokhari​, Abdulrahman Alsawas, Mohammad H Adnan, Abdulaziz Alasmari, Sarah Aljuhani, Mousa Almejalli, Hanaa Kedah

47-50 |

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