Objectives: In recent years Tanzania introduced digital technologies in health industry where several initiatives such as Government of Tanzania, Hospital Management Information System (GoT-HoMIS) along other digital devices are taken to ensure quality services delivery. The purpose of this study was to assess Health Care Providers (HCPs) knowledge and attitude towards the use of Digital Health Technology (DHT) in provision of maternal health services at Tumbi Regional Referral Hospital (TRRH).

Methods: Descriptive cross-sectional design involving 50 purposively selected HCPs from obstetrics and gynecology department was used. A self-administered questionnaire and direct field observation was used to collect data from respondents. Data were analyzed using SPSS V.20 and presented by using tables, percentages and frequencies.

Results: We found that, DHT are highly used by HCPs 49(98%). Also, DHT devices are available and functioning properly thus used in providing maternal health services by enhancing effective patient management. 43(86%) of HCPs were aware on DHT practice and about 46(92%) understood the use of DHT in provision of maternal health services despite of varying knowledge level. On the side of attitude, we found that, 43(86%) of the HCP had a positive attitude on the use of DHT.

Conclusion: Knowledge, attitudes and rate of use of DHT by HCP was found to be good, despite notable challenges such as dependent on the internet signals for their proper functioning. More initiatives should be undertaken by the Ministry of Health, Community and other stakeholders to promote DHT practices in the health facilities.

Comments & Peer Review