Objective: To determine the association between proton pump inhibitors and gallbladder function

Methods: A systematic search of Medline, Embase and CENTRAL (inception to April 2020) was conducted to capture the relevant studies. A comprehensive inclusion-exclusion criterion was developed and implemented to screen the titles and abstracts. . We, however, found no eligible studies.

Results: The systematic search identified 38 unique articles for title and abstract screening. Of which, five were included as potentially relevant studies. However, upon full-text screening, none of them met our inclusion criteria. This review is, therefore, an empty systematic review.

Conclusion: There are no good quality studies determining the effect of proton pump inhibitors on gallbladder function. Given the common use of proton pump inhibitors and their potential impact on gallbladder function, there is an urgent need for conducting clinical studies to address this gap in the evidence.

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