The Journal of Medical Research and Innovation would like to thank each and every one who has helped us to review and edit the articles. As a small token of appreciation, we would like to mention the names of all the editors and reviewers in random order here who have edited or reviewed the articles for the January-June, 2018 issue. The list will be updated as when more reviewers review the articles.


1) Varshil Mehta

2) Shakti Goel

3) Surya Parajuli

4) Nikhil Nalluri

5) Vitaliy Bezsheiko


1) Shakti Goel

2) Assad Mughal

3) Harsha Makwana

4) Megha Patel

5) Ishpreet Biji

6) Surya Parajuli

7) Varshil Mehta

8) Heera KC

9) Prem Bhattarai

10) Tushar Kunder

11) Akshay Avula

12) Mykola Khaitovych

13) K Bedmutha

14) Mayank Jain

15) Joseph Bell

16) Vitaliy Bezsheiko

17) Ahmad Farrokhi

18) N. Kumar



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