Points to keep in mind before submitting an article in JMRI

Want to submit an article in JMRI? Make sure you have read these important points.

1) Plagiarism: Whether the paper is plagiarised? JMRI shall not allow plagiarism at any cost and from today onwards, we will be banning the corresponding author, in case his/her paper is found to be plagiarised. The authors can self check the plagiarism by using iAuthenticate or Turnitin or Plagiarism checker X.

2) Ethics & Consent: The study should have been approved by the ethical committee of the institution and the patients consent should have been taken prior to submission of the paper. We may ask for the proof during the review. Also, the statements regarding Ethics & Consent should be mentioned in the text, without which we shall not proceed further.

3) Reference format: JMRI only accepts Vancouver style of references. Please make sure you have formated the references as per JMRI's custom style of vancouver. DOI, PubMed ID and direct links should also be added at the end of each reference. More details shall be found out in the Author's guidelines.

4) Conflict of Interest: A statement regarding conflicts for each author should be mentioned in the text.

If there is any mistake with regards to the above points, JMRI will not accept the article. Till date, we were lenient about such mistakes, however, we would not accept any such errors from now onwards due to time constraints.