Introduction: Functional dyspepsia (FD) is defined as a condition chronically presenting symptoms centered in the upper abdomen, such as epigastric pain or discomfort, in the absence of any organic, systemic, or metabolic disease that is likely to explain the symptoms. Proton pump inhibitors are main line agents to treat functional Dyspepsia. Omeprazole is conventional PPI and Lansoprazole is a new PPI both are said to be effective option to treat functional dyspepsia in individual trials.

Aim and Objective: To compare efficacy of Omeprazole versus Lansoprazole for Relief of Functional Dyspepsia.

Methodology: All randomised control trials which follows PRISMA guidelines 2009 and in which Omeprazole and Lansoprazole were first compared with placebo for the treatment of functional dyspepsia. Clinical trial registries, MEDLINE, SCOPUS, EMBASE database were searched for MeSH terms Omeprazole, Pantoprazole, Placebo which resulted in the treatment of Functional Dyspepsia. Observational studies, Unpublished studies, RCTs not following PRISMA guidelines were excluded. Data was analyzed using RevMan version 5.3 ® and Odd’s Ratio was calculated to determine the difference in Early and late phases. Both Fixed and Random effect model was utilized to calculate the difference. To compare the difference between Omeprazole and Lansoprazole Fischer’s exact test was used. P value less than 0.05 was considered as statistically significant. The I2 will be used to measure the heterogeneity between studies and a value >30.0 will be considered to reflect heterogeneity.

Results: A total of 10 studies were included consisting of 3934 patients. Omeprazole was effective than placebo to treat functional dyspepsia(Odd’s ratio=1.603, CI=1.264 to 2.033, p value less than 0.01) Lansoprazole was also effective when compared to placebo to treat functional dyspepsia. (Odd’s ratio=0.748, CI=0.553 to 1.011, p=0.058). When Omeprazole was compared to lansoprazole indirectly statistically significant difference was seen (P=0.0001).

Conclusion: Both Omeprazole and Lansoprazole are effective to treat functional dyspepsia when compared to placebo. Omeprazole is more effective than Lansoprazole to treat functional dyspepsia.

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