Aims and Objectives: The study is carried out with an objective to compare the diagnostic nasal endoscopic findings and radiological appearance in patients with paranasal sinus disease.

Methods: 50 cases of chronic sinusitis not responding to routine medical line of treatment were selected and operated after being thoroughly investigated by means of nasal endoscopy and CT scan. 

Results: Out of 50 cases, 35 underwent bilateral surgery and 15 underwent unilateral surgery, so a total of 85 procedures were carried out. Findings of both the CT scan as well as diagnostic nasal endoscopy were compared to each other and ultimately correlated with operative findings. 

Conclusion: In our study, a high association is found between both the modalities of investigation i.e CT scan and diagnostic nasal endoscopy with one scoring over the other in different parameters. Diagnostic nasal endoscopy is found to be highly sensitive investigatory modality for parameters like frontal recess, spheno-ethmoid recess and hiatus semilunaris, where as CT scan is found to be highly sensitive for parameters like maxillary sinus, uncinate process and posterior ethmoids. So, a case of sinus disease should be diagnosed as early as possible using both these modalities as together they complement each other. Early diagnosis and effective management cures the pathology and prevents disastrous complications.


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